〆 think in java [Note One]

⚠ Our destiny offers not the cup of despair, but the chalice of opportunity.

Step One: enviroment – jdk11

java编程思想 原书第四版


此致: 敬礼!


作者: 李隆基

摘自: 《全唐诗》

道家奠灵简, 自昔仰神仙

真孒今将命, 苍生福可传

江山寻故国, 城郭信依然

二室遥相望, 云回洞里天

座右铭: 进化是形成我们的身体形状和我们内在本能的主要力量, 他赋予我们大脑和学习机制,使我们可以根据经验实现自我更新。我们还需要终生学习,以改变我们的行为,从而适应包括进化论还不能预测的和可预测的各种环境。
Evolution is the major force that defines our bodily shape as well as our built-in instincts and reflexes. We also learn to change our behavior during our lifetime. This helps us cope with changes in the environment that cannot be predicted by evolution. Organisms that have a short life in a well-defined environment may have all their behavior built-in, but instead of hardwiring into us all sorts of behavior for any circumstance that we could encounter in our life, evolution gave us a large brain and a mechanism to learn, such that we could update ourselves with experience and adapt to different environments.